11 mai 2016

Photographie Émile Kirsch - Propos recueillis par Gaëlle Le Scouarnec

Des hommes comme s’il en pleuvait, nus sur les galets.
Garçonnière est le rendez-vous des familles, pour se prélasser innocemment devant un reflet de jeunesse, de sensibilité, d’oeil langoureux et de peau douce. Retrouvez chaque semaine la fraîcheur sans pareil du photographe Émile Kirsch. Son interprétation du mâle pas mal.

Who are you BENJAMIN ?
My name is Benjamin Van Der Burg, I’m 20 years old. I am a graphic illustrator. I’m planning to study product design or fine arts.

Where are you living ?
I am Dutch. I live near the center of Rotterdam.

Where can we see you in town ?
I really love Rotterdam. I did not always love my hometowen as I love it now. This city has changed extremely within the past years and I found a lot of love for harbor cities when I became 16 years. There are a lot of people with raw, hard working mentality and bold attitudes. This city has been changed into a futuristic city with a lot of new architecture (, great restaurants and chic boutiques. I mostly love walking trough the city center and really like window shopping. Because it’s beautiful to see a lot of different people coming together at one place.

My recommandations :
Best cheapest restaurant : Ellis, a burger restaurant where you can spend a very romantic night for an affordable price
Best restaurant : Amarone. They cook the best food.
Best Nightclub : BAR. A nightclub that brings all kind of different people together and has special nights for art performances and with the best underground dj’s.
Best Gallery : ZERP. Most interesting and rawest art that you can find in Rotterdam.
Best Museum : Het Nieuwe Instituut. They currently show a great exhbition about fashion  but also expose a lot of design and architecture.

What was your craziest gesture for love ?
Writing a poem and making an illustration for my ex.

The poem goes :

The best things in life happen unexpected,
Maybe it’s the way you talk or the craziness that I adore
But I’m feeling connected
Connected means that it doesn’t matter to me anymore
It doesn’t matter where I am or where you are
But when I am with you, there is an atmosphere I can’t explain
I adore the kiss over the bar
I adore the excitement that I hardly can contain
I adore the connection that I feel in my heart and trough my veins.
I feel like a kid jumping on water
Enjoying the smallest things in life with nothing to bother

Perfection is not what I’m looking for

But seeing somebody close to, has never happen to me before
I love the imperfection of you
Maybe you think I think hate but I love them to
Thanks for being you my love, mijn liefie and mon amour.

When you are in your bed, what is your dreamy dream before you sleep ?
Having my own studio, a very big studio and work on Robots and other creative projects. Being able to build a planet and live forever.

Photo : Émile Kirsch
Modèle : Benjamin Van Der Burg


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