4 mai 2016

Photographie Émile Kirsch - Propos recueillis par Gaëlle Le Scouarnec

Des hommes comme s’il en pleuvait, nus sur les galets.
La Garçonnière est le rendez-vous des familles, pour se prélasser innocemment devant un reflet de jeunesse, de sensibilité, d’oeil langoureux et de peau douce. Retrouvez chaque semaine la fraîcheur sans pareil du photographe Émile Kirsch. Son interprétation du mâle pas mal.


Who are you DANN ?
I’m a 24 year old interior architecture student at the royal art academy in The Hague.

Where are you living ?
At the moment I live in Leeuwarden, up in the north of The Netherlands. This because of my internship at the awesome design studio INAMATT. But normally I live in the beautifull center of The Hague.

Where can we see you in your town ?
Most of the time I’m at my own place. I have a nice vintage/scandinavian style vibe over there so I love to spend most of my time there. But if the weather is good I love to ride my vintage racing bike along the beach , or meet up with my friends in the beautiful parks of the Hague.

Do you believe in “love at first sight” ?
Could be, but at the moment I am fully enjoying my single life ! So maybe my true love will pass by some day. But never experienced that before. I think it is also something that you only experience once when you are young and foolish, haha.

When you are in your bed, what is your dreamy dream before you sleep ?
To fall asleep next to the perfect shaped sexy man, in my favorite city Copenhagen! :)  Copenhagen is the most amazing city in the world. It’s calm, cool weather and the people are amazingly friendly. I also love their way of thinking, they are not that selfish. So yes that’s my perfect dream.


Photographe : Émile Kirsch
Modèle : Dann

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